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Events 2007

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BJCEM - International Association of the Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean

The City of Torino founding memeber of the Association created in Sarajevo in July 2001 and now member of the Board of Directors, hosted on September 28th and 29th the meeting of the Board of Directors of the network.

50th Anniversary twinning Torino-Chambéry

In order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the agreement, the Cities of Torino and Chambéry organize two days of entertainment and events. After a first meeting that took place on May 19th in Chambéry, with the official ceremony in the presence of the Mayors of both Cities, joint by a rich programme of initiatives, another day of celebrations follows in Torino on September 15th.
The programme schedules, beside an official moment stressed by the notes of the Banda del Corpo di Polizia Municipale in the presence of the authorities of both Cities, a week-end long Savoyard market in Piazza Palazzo di Città - with stands of  the Tourisme Office of Chambéry, the Europe Direct Centre of Torino, the Centre Culturel Français of Torino, the Alliance Française of Cuneo - and entertainment by the Fanfare Etcetera and Arc en Cirque from Chambéry. Meanwhile Via Palazzo di Città hosts an exhibition concerning the transborder cooperation by the Provincia di Torino. Several other initiatives. The complete programme is at disposal.


On June 29th Torino hosts the Annual Conference of the Strategic Cities Network. The network, chaired by the City of Torino, groups different Italian cities and acts within the field of strategic planning. The conference is focused on urban development and includes a specific session dedicated to the international strategies of the cities for a higher competitiveness and capacity to attract excellences and a specific session dedicated to the great events as a development boost. To highlight the presence of some foreign cities to illustrate their experiences in that field.

EUROCITIES - Cooperation Platform

In 1992 the City of Torino joined EUROCITIES, the network of European major cities, with more than 130 members from over 30 countries. On Mai 31st and June 1st Torino hosts the Cooperation Platform, an important network meeting, with the presence of representatives coming from the whole Europe, for a two-days program of workshops and conferences. To welcome the participants on Mai 31st the Mayor Sergio Chiamparino, while a speech of the Deputy Major Michele Dell'Utri, charged of the Promotion, Cooperation and International Affairs of the City, closes the platform on June 1st. The initiative, articulated in several workshops, focuses on the issue of cooperation among cities in Europe, with special attention to sustainable urban development and socio-economics problems, but also to cultural promotion and projects to gain access to the EU financing.
The Cooperation Platform in Torino is held for the third time after the previous ones in Gdansk (2005) and in Brussels (2006).
The initiative, which allows only the members of the network and the press, is held in the congress hall of the Hotel NH Santo Stefano, Via Porta Palatina 19.


Torino-Nagoya Design Exhibition

In order to celebrate the twinning between Torino and Nagoya signed in 2005, some graphic designers from both cities tell the tie between Italy and Japan. A meeting of different styles and creativity, on the road to Torino 2008 Design World Capital. The authors of the posters come from Nagoya while, concerning Torino, they are students of the European Design Institute and of the Politecnico of Torino attending the Industrial Design course. The exhibition is an initiative of the World Wide Torino project. From January 29th to February 6th, Antichi Chiostri, Via Garibaldi 25.

Yundi Li and the Shenzhen Symphonic Orchestra

The signature on January 12th 2007 by the respective Mayors of a cooperation agreement between Shenzen and Turin finalises a tie of collaboration between the two Cities started in 2006 within economic and cultural domains. On the occasion came to Turin, leaded by the great Chinese pianist Yundi Li, the Shenzhen Symphonic Orchestra, for a free concert on 13th January. Winner of different international prizes, such as the prestigious Chopin competition of Warsav, Yundi Li performed from Prague to Vienna, from Berlin to San Francisco and published Chopin and Liszt with Deutche Grammophon. All the 1600 places of the Auditorium RAI sold out.

World Wide Torino for Torino World Book Capital with Rome

Collaboration and active involvement of Torino friend Cities continues through World Wide Torino project, started during the Winter Olympic Games. On the occasion of the year of Torino World Book Capital with Rome (April 2006-April 2007) a space entirely dedicated to Cities having strong relations with Torino and to World Book Capitals has been created at Atrium. Cities are represented by means of videos, listening of traditional tales and in particular through the Library of Friend Cities and a series of events named "city portraits".


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