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Events 2006

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Turin closes the Chairmanship of EUROCITIES Euromed Group

The City of Turin leaves the Chairmanship of EUROCITIES Euromed Group after two years of intense work, organizing one last meeting in Turin (8th-10th November) with a rich schedule: visits and technical presentations concerning water and waste treatment and the renewal of historical centres; a session dedicated to the Lebanon question; a conference on strategic planning within the Euromediterranen basin, in cooperation with Torino Internazionale. The French City of Marseille succeeds to the Chairmanship, the Lebanese City of Jdéidé vice president for the Middle East and the Moroccan City of Fès for Maghreb.


1st Anniversary twinning Torino-Nagoya

26th October 2006 - Meeting between Mayor Sergio Chiamparino and the Mayor of Nagoya Takehisa Matsubara, in visit to Torino with a delegation made of more than 100 citizens of Nagoya, to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the twinning between the two Cities. In order to strengthen a recent as significant tie of friendship and cooperation, the occasion grows richer in events and moments to deepen reciprocal knowledge, in which representatives of both communities will participate: the twinning between the Chambers of Commerce of the two Cities, the presence of a booth from Nagoya to the Salone del Gusto and, within the initiative World Wide Torino, the presentation at Atrium of a "portrait" of Nagoya and of Shodo calligraphy.


12th-13th October 2006 - In Torino the autumn event of the Knowledge Society Forum – TeleCities, within the network of major European cities, EUROCITIES. More than 150 European officers confronted with the possibilities of communication, interaction and direct access to Internet services and with the new digital procedures that the Public Administrations can realise. The event, entitled "e-services for e-citizens", was preceded by the meeting of the Cisco eLeaders Forum (11th October).

For further informations: KSF/TeleCities Autumn Event.

World Wide Torino at the Cavallerizza Reale during the Winter Olympics 2006

Between 9th and 25th February, about 15,000 people visited World Wide Torino - the pavilion which the City of Torino has dedicated to its thirty friend cities on the occasion of the Winter Olympics, at the Cavallerizza Reale where a series of events involved the delegations of the different cities all the two weeks long.


Reception of the Majors hosted by Torino during the Winter Olympics, City Hall, Sala Rossa

10th February 2006 - On the occasion of the opening of Torino 2006 XX Winter Olympic Games, Mayor Sergio Chiamparino hosted an official reception at the City Hall, which was attended by the Mayor of Albertville Albert Gibello, the Deputy Mayor of Athens Kalliopi Bourdara, the Mayor of Barcelona Joan Clos, the Mayor of Chambéry Louis Besson, the Mayor of Chamonix Michel Charlet, the Mayor of Cortina d´Ampezzo Giacomo Giacobbi, Councillor Malcolm Green of Glasgow City Council, the Mayor of Grenoble Michel Destot, the Deputy Mayor for Youth and Sport of Liege Miguel Mevis, the Mayor of Lyon Gérard Collomb, the Mayor of Nagoya Takehisa Matsubara, the Mayor of Salt Lake City Ross C. Anderson, the Mayor of Zlín Tomás Úlehla, the Member of the European Parliament and Freeman of the City of Torino Vitautas Landsberger and representatives from the cities of Cologne, Harbin, London, Rotterdam, Salvador de Bahia and Sarajevo.

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