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Today, the patterns that account for cities’ distinct qualities and that define their ranking in the global economy range from infrastructures to expertise and skilled human resources, from their capacity to innovate to the public services and entrepreneurial framework they are able to provide.

Torino is a city with an inclination for technological assets which looks at the opportunities provided by future economy, ready to tackle the challenges posed by globalisation and always ready to develop a great international dimension.

Torino has always stood out in Europe as a vibrant and dynamic city. First capital of Italy, driving force for Italian unification and Italy’s industrial city par excellence, it has been strategic for its development, in particular for the manufacturing industry. Then, over the last twenty years, the city has radically changed, thanks to urban and infrastructure transformations, to the revitalisation of its historical centre and to the renewal of industrial areas and suburbs. The new image of the city has also been championed by the 2006 Winter Olympics and by the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of Italian Unification in 2011.

The City has undergone a process focused on promoting the already existing manufacturing expertise located in the area as well as its internationally well-known academic and research centres. Torino is a city with a top level academic education system renowned at European level. The University and the Politecnico of Torino attract thousand of foreign students, on the one hand thanks to the high level university courses delivered and on the other hand to the international projects and events carried out across the year.

It is also home to UN world agencies and major international organizations. It has been hosting the International Labour Organization since 1964 and is a strategic area for the United Nations due to the presence of UNICRI, the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Center and ETF, the European International Centre supporting vocational training.

Torino is an international city excelling in innovation in the field of education, culture, economic diversification and tourism. It has a network of bilateral relations in the fields of trade, culture, tourism and cooperation and it holds twinning and agreements with 44 cities in the world. It is also home to 3 Consulates General - Romania, Morocco and Peru - and to 46 Honorary Consulates.

In a global and competitive market, local communities promoting open innovation policies, high quality education and shared knowledge are those that trigger and attract new investments and create prosperity.

This is the reason why Torino has chosen to be open to the world, constantly growing, importing and exporting its expertise, working to attract huge investments aimed at opening new research centres and productive activities and at supporting the local economic assets making the most of the instruments provided by the European Union.

Our City strongly believes in innovation and successfully competes in top-quality manufacturing areas such as aerospace, automotive industry, biomedical research, telecommunications and food.

Many foreigners have chosen Torino to run their business, conquered by a fully attractive territory improving the quality of life of people who have chosen it to live, study and invest in.

Being competitive in a globalized world is a great challenge that can be handled if we keep up with the fast pace of technological change.

Today Torino is an international metropolis of great opportunities.