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Events 2005

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Twinning between the Porta Palazzo market and the Barcelona Boqueria

15th October 2005 - In the framework of the Torino Food Market Festival, the Deputy Mayor of Barcellona Jordi Portabella i Calvete and the Mayor of Torino Sergio Chiamparino, signed the agreement between the Markets of the two Cities (Boqueria and Porta Palazzo). The twinning aims at encouraging the cooperation and at the creation of the European Market Association.

Future Cities - Manchester Day

17th September 2005 - Fifth event of the Future Cities Program, organized by the City of Turin, Fondazione Atrium and Torino Internazionale. This day will be entirely dedicated to the City of Manchester, which was in the past an industrial city like Turin and hosted an important sports event. This experience has set off a radical change, linking the cultural strategies of the two cities.

Salt Lake City - U.S.A.

28th July 2005 - A delegation from Salt Lake City visited the City of Turin. The delegation, led by the Mayor Rocky Anderson, reached the City Hall of Turin by bicycle from the Castle of Stupinigi. The Mayor of Turin met the Mayor of Salt Lake City who delivered a message of peace, solidarity and environment protection inspired by the Olympic spirit which strictly links the two cities.

Future Cities - Lyon

16th June 2005 - Fourth event of the 'Future Cities' program organised by the City of Turin, Fondazione Atrium and Torino Internazionale. A day entirely dedicated to the City of Lyon and its strategic plan.

Future Cities - Vancouver

18th May 2005 - third appointment of the series of events called "Future Cities" organized by the Municipality of Turin, the ATRIUM foundation, Torino Internazionale, dedicated to the Municipality of Vancouver, who will host the Winter Olympics after 'Torino 2006'

Cooperation Agreement Turin - Lyon - Barcelona

The first operative seminary after the signature of the International Economic cooperation agreement between the Mayors of the cities of Turin, Lyon and Barcelona on December 6th 2004, took place on April 1st 2005 in the Sala Colonne of the City Hall. Six work groups were organised to discuss concrete projects that will be set up in the next few months. The agreement aims at promoting the Southern Europe corridor which links the three cities so as to gain visibility and competitivity among other European macroregions, thanks to a common lobby action on a European and International level.

Brussels - European Parliament

19th April 2005 - meeting in Brussels organized at the European Parliament by the Municipality of Turin aiming at presenting a political statement on the review of the Barcelona Process and the reinforcement of the role of the cities within the Euro-mediterranean Partnership. Members of the European Parliament, representatives of the European Commission, of the Committee of the Regions, of the Euromed Group of Eurocities (President of Euromed) attended the meeting.

Future Cities - London

21st Aril 2005 - second appointment of the series of events called "Future Cities" organized by the Municipality of Turin, the ATRIUM foundation, Torino Internazionale, dedicated to the Municipality of London and to the presentation of the project "Future London".

Eurocities Economic Development Forum

From March 9th to 11th 2005, the Eurocities Economic Development Forum (ex. EDURC) meeting took place in Turin, held at the Chiesa del Redentore in Piazza Livio Bianco (Mirafiori Nord area URBAN II). The theme of the meeting was "Urban transformation". This is the first meeting since the nomination of Glasgow as the new Presidence of the Forum.
Available the programme in pdf format.

Future Cities - Nagoya Day

The first of a series of events, organised by the City of Turin in collaboration with the Fondazione Atrium and dedicated to the cities Turin has strong relationships with, took place on February 25th . This initiative called “Future Cities” took place at Atrium and hosted the cities of Nagoya, London, Vancouver and Lyon.
The first event was entirely dedicated to the city of Nagoya and the Aichi Expo 2005, and aimed at promoting the twinning between the two cities signed in May in the Japanese city. For this event, two presentations were scheduled. The first one (11am) was dedicated to Nagoya and the Aichi Expo 2005, and to the participation of Italy to the event (with the presence of Mr Umberto Donati, General Commissioner of the Italian Government for Aichi Expo 2005, and a representative from the City of Nagoya who presented the development strategies of the Japanese city). The second one (6pm) was dedicated to the intervention of several experts who shared their experiences linked to Japan and its culture, concentrating on the City of Nagoya. In the afternoon, several initiatives were proposed to the citizens in collaboration with the association Italia-Giappone Sakura (tea ceremony with Master of the Art of Tea Mrs Fujimoto, tasting and origami). Flyers were distributed about Nagoya and the Universal Aichi Expo 2005 while films and videos were shown.

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