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Ultimo aggiornamento: 03-09-2020

According to the Regulation of the City of Turin for their Management, Urban Commons are the material, non material and digital things included within the urban spaces and services of common interest. The citizens and the Administration recognize them as functional to the exercise of fundamental rights, to individual and collective well-being and to interest of future generations. They are strictly connected to the identity, culture, traditions of the territory and / or directly functional to the development of the social life of the communities.

The nearby flowerbed, the neighbourhood garden, the square, the school yard, abandoned places – as well ad intangible assets: they become Urban Commons when citizens and the public administration recognize them and take action to regenerate, co-manage and take care of them. The basics of the governance of Urban Commons are accessibility, shared management and participation in decision-making processes.

In this section we will give a brief account of the material available in English relating to the management of Urban Commons, with the aim of sharing information and knowledge, as well as the experience of the City of Torino in this area.

For any further information or questions you can e-mail us to benicomuni@comune.torino.it