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Art and cultural routes

Today Turin and its surroundings present the visitors and tourists with more than fifty attractions including museums, cultural heritage, castles, residences and exhibition centres which, as a whole, represent an international cultural offer.

This short guided-tour has the purpose to describe Turin museums to both its inhabitants and visitors, showing the historical and cultural aspects of the city through the discovery of the hints and places which help us to know our past, look into our present and wonder about our future. Since many of them are located in the city center, you may walk to visit them. However you can take a bus to reach the surroundings of Turin and see the Royal Residences, as well as some other recent opening museums.

  • All routes

  • ORANGE route

    Piazza Castello, the ancient heart of the nineteenth-century city.
  • RED route

    Around Piazza Carignano, the triumph of the baroque and Turin as the capital city of the kingdom.
  • LILAC route

    Via Po, the Mole Antonelliana and the hills.
  • DARK BLUE route

    Via Garibaldi and its surroundings, the Roman road, military history and solidarity.
  • BLUE route

    Along the Po river, nature, science and technology.
  • GREEN route

    Contemporary art and Turin nowadays, memories and metamorphosis.
  • GREY route

    Around Turin: royal and nobiliary residences.



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