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Musei dei Santi Sociali

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Museo Murialdo

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  • Address: Corso Palestro, 14 - Torino
  • Telephone: 011 5621786
Camerette di Don Bosco

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Museo Giulia di Barolo

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  • Address: Via Cottolengo, 22 - Torino
  • Telephone: 011 5211903
Piccola Casa della Divina Provvidenza

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  • Address: Via Cottolengo, 14 - Torino
  • Telephone: 011 5225895 
  • Web site:
Francesco Faà di Bruno

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Accesso disabili

Musei dei Santi Sociali are part of “Art and cultural routes”:
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Via Garibaldi and its surroundings: the Roman road, hints of military history and commitment to solidarity



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