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Special issue of This Week in Palestine on Transitional Ecology

A special issue of the magazine This Week in Palestine is available. Focused on Transitional Ecology it includes many articles on the NUR project, highlighting the process and main outputs.
This initiative was funded by AICS, with the technical support of VIS Ngo.

Download here the magazine (pdf | 2,33 MB)

International conference 'Energy-driven regulation and local policies' (June 8, 2021)

Thanks to the Recovery Plan (Next Generation EU), the restart after COVID-19 will have a significant impact on the energy transition not only in European cities, but in many cities around the world. In this Conference, organized in the framework of the Italian-Palestinian cooperation project NUR (New Urban Resources), talked about this issue , the Mayors of Turin, Cologne and Bethlehem, the Deputy Minister for international cooperation, the representative of the Palestinian Minister for the local government, the Director of the AICS and representatives of the cities of Barcelona and Paris.

NUR short film - The traveling light:

Press release of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation:

Video recording of the conference is available in the following languages: English, Italian, Arabic, French, Spanish e Native Language.

Webinar 'Energy-driven local sustainable development for Palestine' (March 29, 2021)

Representatives of the Palestinian Energy Authority, the Jerusalem District Electricity Company, Bethlehem University and the Municipality of Bethlehem participated in a webinar conducted by the Energy Center of the Polytechnic of Turin and aimed at improving the governance of the renewable energy supply chain in Palestine.
For Italy, the partners of the NUR (New Urban Resources) project and various stakeholders interested in the energy transition were present. The City of Turin, represented by the President of the Labor and Commerce Commission (Andrea Russi), and the Municipality of Bethlehem, represented by the Mayor (Anton Salman), were honored by the presence of the Consul General of Italy in Jerusalem (Giuseppe Fedele) and by the Director of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, Jerusalem office (Guglielmo Giordano).

Article by CittAgorà

Reportage: the NUR project on the magazine "A world possible"

Issue 65 of the magazine 'A possible world' is online, published by the NGO VIS - International Voluntary Service for Development (

Starting on page 16 you will find an extensive report on the 'NUR - New Urban Resources project. Renewable energy for Bethlehem ', funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation..

Download the magazine in pdf format

NUR project: video contest on environmental issues (deadline: April 26, 2021)

Are you between 14 and 35 years old? Test your creativity and participate in the new NUR video contest, launched by the Coordination of Municipalities for Peace!
Starting from the concept of light (in Arabic "nur"), the proposed videos may refer to some of the following topics: environmental sustainability, energy saving, renewable energy, circularity, anthropogenic impact on nature, resilience, critical consumption, ecological footprint, human rights, social inequalities, lifestyles, social ecology, international cooperation and the Palestinian issue. Up to € 1,000 in shopping vouchers are up for grabs. The initiative is carried out within the decentralized cooperation project NUR – Renewable Energy for Bethlehem, financed by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation.

For more information:

Webinar 'Innovation trend on energy policies & photovoltaic management' (February 17-18, 2021)

Representatives of the Municipality of Bethlehem and the local electricity management company (JDECo), plus three Italian entities (City of Turin, Links Foundation and ITIS Pininfarina), participated in a two-day international webinar conducted by IREN S.p.A. and focused on management policies on renewable energy. Marco Bastoni, Federico Boni Castagnetti, Alessandra Paruzzo, Luca Piantelli, Enrico Pochettino and Gian Paolo Roscio of IREN were the key speakers of the webinar, while three people attended the following question time.

Facebook Post

Presentation of the Energy Plan for Bethlehem (December 21, 2020)

Representatives of three Palestinian entities (Bethlehem Municipality, JDECo and Bethlehem Joint Service Council) and eight Italian entities (City of Turin, Politecnico di Torino, Links Foundation, Energy Center Torino, Ai Engineering Srl, Enaip Piemonte, Co.Co.Pa. and VIS) participated in an international webinar focused on the proposed Energy Plan for Bethlehem, drawn up by the Polytechnic of Turin. Jawad Abu Zer (JEDCo), Ziad Alsayeh (Bethlehem Municipality), Ihad Abu Rdainah (Bethlehem JSC) and Andrea Lanzini (Politecnico di Torino) were the key speakers of the webinar, while nine people attended the following question time.

Facebook post: 

System mission in Bethlehem (29 November-2 December 2019)

The Municipality of Turin led a mission to monitor the NUR New Urban Resources project, which provides technical assistance to the Municipality of Bethlehem in the renewable energy sector.
Andrea Russi, councillor and President of the Trade and Labour Commission, represented the Municipality along with the director of the Decentralization, Youth and Services Division and two officials from the International cooperation and Peace Unit.
Representatives from the Municipalities for Peace Coordination (Co.Co.Pa) such as LINKS Foundation and Ai Engineering Srl also took part in the mission, while the NGO VIS - International Volunteering for Development supported the local logistic organisation.
The mission agenda focused on taking part in a Hackathon aimed to identify some start-ups in the green economy field. Four selected projects will be incubating by the Bethlehem University, starting from 31 applications received.
After a meeting with the Mayor of Bethlehem Anton Salman, the delegation visited the Aida refugee camp, where 6,500 people live, and then the Walled off Hotel built two years ago by Banksy, probably the most famous and provocative street artist in the world. The mission scheduled also a meeting with Federico Dimonopoli the Consul of Italy in Jerusalem, the lighting ceremony of the Christmas tree placed opposite the famous Church of the Nativity, and the realization of the project Steering Committee, made up of Italian and Palestinian partners and two representatives from the AICS headquarters in Jerusalem.

The NUR project at the Turin Islamic Economic Forum (Turin, 28th-30th October 2019)

On the morning of October the 28th, the TIEF dedicated a special session to the NUR project, co-financed by AICS.
Romano Borchiellini, representing the Dean of the Polytechnic of Turin for the Energy Centre, led the analysis.
Then a Round Table happened with Fadi Kattan, the School of Business and Administration dean for the University of Bethlehem, Luigi Bisceglia, representing the VIS - International Volunteering for Development, operating in the West Bank and Gaza Strip for over 20 years, Ziad Al Sayeh, head of the Planning and Development Department of the Municipality of Bethlehem, and Wisam Salsaa, director of the Walled off Hotel & Gallery in Bethlehem.

The artistic contest Let it light! to Paratissima (Turin, 30th October-3rd November 2019)

Let it light! is a visual arts contest for young Palestinians in order to raise citizens awareness about renewable energies thanks to the language of contemporary art. It started last spring in collaboration with the Walled off Hotel & Gallery in Bethlehem. In a few weeks, more than 60 applications arrived. The jury selected 21 works, exposed inside the Gallery for a month and viewed by over 4 thousand visitors, who were inviting to vote for their favourites. The four winning paintings and their authors (Ahmed Yasin, Nur Jabareen, Yazan Abusalama and Salah Frookh) were in Turin during the 15th edition of Paratissima.
The Palestinian artists enriched the intercultural dialogue by participating in a public event held on October the 30th in the evening for the NUR project (which means "light", in Arabic).
They also animated two workshops for children along with Lucy Talgieh, Bethlehem city councillor and women's rights activist.

Delegation from the Palestinian Territories (27 October-4 November 2019)

Nine people came to Turin as part of the NUR project actions, participating in a busy agenda of events. Three young Palestinian artists met students from the Curie-Vittorini High School (Grugliasco), the Pininfarina Technical Institute (Moncalieri) and the ENAIP Vocational School (Rivoli). The director of the Walled off Hotel & Gallery in Bethlehem met cultural institutions and entrepreneurs (Artissima, OGR, Lavazza, NH Collection hotel) to establish collaborative relationships in the field of the Street art. On the other hand, some representatives of the Municipality of Bethlehem  participated in a workshop to plan the new lighting system of Manger Square, the main city square where the famous Church of the Nativity is located in front of.

Proclamation of winners in the Artistic Competition within the NUR project

On July the 10th, the three authors of visual arts will proclaimed winners of a visual arts competition for young Palestinian artists, entitled "Let it light". A jury of experts gathered in Bethlehem on May 22 to view the 21 finalist works and choose the winners. The Jury’s member from Italy was Mrs Francesca Canfora, the artistic director of Paratissima Fair.
Thanks to the NUR project funds, the winners will receive a cash prize of - respectively - 500, 300 and 200 euros, plus the opportunity of exhibiting their works at the next edition of Paratissima (30 October - 3 November 2019). The three artists will also have the opportunity to come to Turin during Paratissima Fair, to promote their works, meet other artists and gallery owners and lead workshops for families.

Video 2-Nur works  The three winning works  NUR project News  Paratissima for NUR project

- TorinoClick
- Paratissima
- La Stampa

NUR project in the spotlight at the Italian Design Day 2019

Carlo Micono, contract professor at the Polytechnic University of Turin and member of Ai Engineering Srl, both partners of the NUR project, was appointed Ambassador of Design last Wednesday 20 March at the University of Bethlehem. In the occasion of the Italian Design Day (IDD), he held a Masterclass called "Designing and the city of the future. Quality of life and new frontiers of living".
The IDD was creating in 2017 on the initiative of MAECI, MIBAC and the Association for Industrial Design with the purpose of spreading around the world the Italian excellence in the field of design. In this occasion, Micono introduced the NUR project with a specific mention of the Manger Square lighting system and its well-known Christmas tree, which are elements of visibility for Italian design and technology in view of "Bethlehem Capital of Arab Culture 2020". He also described the project called Luci d’Artista started in Turin in 1998 and become a benchmark for contemporary art, attracting thousands of tourists every year in the Piedmontese capital.

PoliFlash article

AICS monitoring visit to the Salesian Technical School in Bethlehem (13 March 2019)

On March 13, the monitoring visit of two representatives from AICS took place at the Salesian Technical School of Bethlehem during which they were giving some updates on the progress on renewable energies classes, which will end up with the installation of the photovoltaic system on the SOS Children's Villages School by students. During the visit they were also described both program and didactic methodology related to these classes with the collaboration of ENAIP Piedmont, VIS -International Volunteering for Development and STS-- Salesian Technical School. At the present about 25 youngsters and 28 artisans (electricians) have been participating in four classes.

ENAIP Piemonte article

Mission to the Palestinian Territories (Bethlehem, 29th November-3rd December)

The City of Turin led a mission to monitor the NUR project, which provides technical assistance to the Municipality of Bethlehem in the renewable energy sector. The Coordination of Municipalities for Peace - Turin's province, in addition to the City of Turin representatives, the Polytechnic University of Turin, SiTI (Higher Institute on Territorial Systems for Innovation), Enaip Piedmont and Ai Engineering Srl took part in the mission. In Bethlehem, there were also the project local partners such as the Municipality of Bethlehem, the University of Bethlehem, VIS and the Salesian Technical Schools. The program considered a joint press conference with the Mayor of Bethlehem, a seminar organized by the Bethlehem University entitled "Power your business with renewable energies" and the Steering Committee between all the Italian and Palestinian partners.

University of Bethlehem, the City of Turin participates in the opening of the MICAD Program (Bethlehem, 7th September 2018)

The International Cooperation and Peace Office of the City of Turin, following the invitation of Bethlehem University and VIS (International Volunteer for Development), both partners of the NUR project, took part in the official opening of MICAD on Friday 7th September. The Consul General of Italy in Jerusalem, Fabio Sokolowicz, and Cristina Natoli, head of AICS in Jerusalem participated.
More information and photo gallery of the event at:

NUR project, A partners' meeting in Bethlehem (Bethlehem, 5th-7th September 2018)

The City of Turin led the meeting of the NUR project partners held from 5th to 7th September in Bethlehem. The partners present at the meeting were the Municipality of Bethlehem, the University of Bethlehem, the Salesian Technical School, VIS International Volunteer for Development), AICS Jerusalem and the Consulate General of Italy in Jerusalem.

Technical mission for the Training of Trainers (Bethlehem, 16th-20th July 2018)

From 16th to 20th July 2018, Enaip Piedmont carried out a mission in Bethlehem to follow the training of the trainers who will be involved in professional courses for installers and maintenance technicians of photovoltaic panels during the first half of 2019.
In addition to the representatives of the Salesian Technical School, where the courses will happen, Enaip Piedmont met the representatives of the University of Bethlehem, which is in charge of incubating some new businesses formed by their graduate students

Kick off Meeting (Turin, 18th-19th April 2018)

The NUR Project Kick off Meeting held in Turin from 18th to 19th April. During the Meeting, the Mayor of the City of Turin, Chiara Appendino signed a partnership agreement with the various partners in the presence of the Mayor of Bethlehem, Anton Salman.

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