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NUR - New Urban Resources. Renewable Energies for Bethlehem


NUR is a four-year project (2018-2021) co-financed by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation which aims to create an overall vision of environmental sustainability in Bethlehem (Palestinian Territories), fostered not only by the boost of local authorities, but also by the contribution of local actors.

he Municipality of Bethlehem assisted by technical experts in increasing its energy autonomy capacity, intends to start the public production of renewable energy through the installation of photovoltaic systems and improve the energy efficiency in some areas of the city.

Among these main objectives, there is one occurring on a more symbolic level: the lighting of the Christmas Tree in Manger Square, right opposite the famous Church of the Nativity, by using 100% renewable energy supply.

Besides, the generations of young Palestinians will have trained by teachers coming from an exchange from different technical schools and supported creating 4 start-ups in the energy sector, curated within the University of Bethlehem.

Finally, the ultimate purpose is the development of activities finalized to raise citizen’s awareness both for the cities of Bethlehem and Turin.

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