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Museo della Frutta

“…frutti modellati così vivamente dal vero da scambiarli coi naturali…” – Francesco Garnier Valletti

The Museum

A leap in the past in order to think about biodiversity, which is a very topical subject. The heart and centre of the Museum is an extraordinary pomological collection by Francesco Garnier Valletti, consisting of thousands of varieties of apples, pears, peaches, apricots, plums, and grapes …

The reconstruction of the analysis laboratories, of the pomological collection rooms, of the library, and of the director’s office, add value to the precious historic-scientific heritage of the Stazione di Chimica Agraria (Agricultural Chemistry Station) since 1871 till today. And everything is within the context of research applied to agriculture in Turin between nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Practical info

Via Pietro Giuria 15 – Torino
Tel 011 6708195
From Monday to Saturday – from 10:00 am till 6:00 pm
Transports: bus lines 1 – 9 – 16 – 18
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Francesco Garnier Valletti

Imaginative, solitary, ingenious. He was a craftsman, an artist, but also a scientist. He was the last unparalleled modeller and reproducer of artificial fruits.

Experimental Institute for Plant Nutrition

Research and experimentation, the agricultural-geological map of Piedmont and the studies on the chemical fertilisation, the first experimental fridge: the history of the station, together with the changes in its directions and interests, until today’s theme: biodiversity.

San Salvario

Woods, gardens, ortchards, a Castle…From agricultural cultivation to scientific experimentation in botanics and agriculture. This is how the district changed between the Nineteenth and Twentieth cent.

Via Pietro Giuria 15 – Torino - Tel 011 6708195
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