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Castello di Moncalieri

Temporarily closed for conservation works

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The castle dates back to the thirteenth century.

It was extended in the second half of the fifteenth century by Jolanda de Valois and later towards the end of the sixteenth century by Carlo Emanuele I. The castle took on its present form in the course of the seventeenth century.

The work was carried out by Padre Costaguta and Amedeo di Castellamonte on the orders of Vittorio Amedeo I and Cristina of France. It is currently used by the first Battalion of Carabinieri "Piedmont" with the exception of the three royal apartments, which were handed over to the Department for the Environmental and Architectural Heritage of Piedmont.

The apartments of Princess Maria Letizia and King Vittorio Emanuele II were fully restored and have been open to the public since 1991.

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