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Museo di Antropologia Criminale “Cesare Lombroso”

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The year 2009, the centenary of the death of Cesare Lombroso, founder of criminal anthropology, saw the renovation of “his” unique museum. The collections include anatomical specimens, drawings, photographs, examples of material evidence, written documents, and valuable craft and artistic works created by asylum and prison inmates.

Therefore, the museum is not a collection of tools of punishment, nor does it offer the public a sequence of great criminals and ferocious crimes: it is not a museum of horror. Instead, it presents the thoughts of a scientist strongly interested in the problems of his time and driven by a profound curiosity toward crime and any form of deviance from the norms of 19th century bourgeois society, with abnormality also considered in a positive sense in people of artistic, scientific or political genius able to bring about human progress.

The new museum displays are also intended to provide the visitor the conceptual tools to understand how and why this controversial scientist came to formulate the theory of criminal atavism and what were the errors in his scientific method that led him to found a science that turned out to be so erroneous.

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