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Museo di Anatomia Umana “Luigi Rolando”

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The Museum, born in 1793 and originally located within the current premises of the University Rectorate, in Via Verdi 8, was reorganized, after several relocations, in the Building of Anatomical Institutes in 1898. The monumental architecture of the rooms was especially designed to highlight the importance of anatomical studies and of the Anatomical School of Turin at the end of the 19th century.

During the 20th century, the Museum did not experience significant changes, and thus offers an almost unique opportunity to visit a 19th century science museum, which has remained almost untouched and which has now been restored to its original state.

Anatomical collections (wax models, liquid and dry specimens, papier-mâché and wooden models) are housed in the Museum, along with other collections of considerable interest, concerning anthropology, phrenology, primatology, embryology, paleoanthropology and ancient instruments. The Museum also comprises an archival fund, a photographic archive and an historical library.

The visit to the Museum reveals aspects that go beyond the scientific importance of the exhibits, including historical, architectural and artistic features which where considered with priority during the operations of restoration and promotion of the collections.
Three videos and a book guide tell engagingly of exhibits to bring insight into science and human experience, helping to comprehend the history of the collections and their significance today.

Museo di Anatomia Umana “Luigi Rolando” is part of “Art and cultural routes”:
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