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The Municipality of Turin promotes activities and exchanges among its partner cities with those local bodies involved in specific activities or present within its geographical areas of competence that are committed to a high standard of excellence. This way of acting is on one hand is a qualifying mark, both in terms of products and processes, and, on the other, the way to develop a global partnership, which is one of the Millennium Objectives to be reached.


During the last few years, most of the decentralised cooperation activities promoted by the City of Turin have been conceived and implemented in partnership with the nearest local bodies, complying with the Vertical subsidiarity principle stated in the Constitution of the Italian Republic. These are:


The City of Turin set up an important partnership with those local  NGOs that are part of a specific committee – the Cittadella delle Civiltà (Citadel of Civilizations) Committee – which undersigned a contract agreement with the Municipality of Turin in 2004.

The City of Turin also has an ongoing collaboration with the Piedmontese NGO Committee (COP), currently under contract with the Piedmont Region.

The NGOs part of the “Cittadella per le Civiltà Committee” cooperate with the Municipality of Turin by offering their know-how and international cooperation experience gained in their active and long-term work with  partner cities. They are:


Turin Municipality promotes decentralised cooperation based on processes and local development policies concerned with its specific geographical area of competence. Further, it sets up projects and exchanges with  partner cities.

To this aim, on behalf of the International Cooperation and Peace Sector, depending on the individual local policy competence required, it interacts with the relevant internal division of the public administration (e.g. Education Services, Youth Policy Sector, Professional training, Suburban policies, Environmental Policy department etc.). The need to make highly specialised products available for partner cities often implies collaborating with Municipal partnership companies in order to provide essential services. Among them are the following:




The training of highly qualified technical engineers coming from partner cities, together with the training of experts in the contexts where projects are to be set up, is clearly essential for the sustainability of all projects and decentralized cooperation processes. To this aim the City supports both the activity of higher education institutes located in town and actions of decentralised scientific training that university institutes and departments offer to complete the cooperation projects promoted by the Municipality.

In particular, collaboration is ongoing with:


The City has often worked with the traditional international solidarity projects run by the missionary institutes based in the local area, which have always accepted to offer their history and experience, acquired through decentralised awareness raising activities and development aid projects, to the Municipality.

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