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UNESCO recognises Torino with the title of Creative City for Design

UNESCO logo is used under permissionUNESCO logo is used under permission

From 1st December 2014 Torino is a UNESCO "CREATIVE CITY" for the DESIGN category. Is the only Italian city winner among the nominations for 2014 which included 28 cities in 19 countries.

This important UNESCO recognition commit the city to promote and support the design field in all its structures through a program of initiatives that will carry Torino to get the role of a reference point city for design in Italy and worldwide.
According to this, in december 2015 Torino organized the first edition of “Torino City of Design”, a huge program of events, exhibitions, tour visits, workshops and meetings about design in its whole meaning. From 4th to 8th december, experts, students and people from Torino and Italy tasted in the city what means to be a real “design city”. In this occasion Torino hosted three UNESCO creative cities for a first exchage: Helsinki, Saint-Etienne and Fabriano.
The promotion of local design is now directly connected to survey and identification activities carried out by permanent design observers belonging to the main national trade association, design schools, Universities and institutions.
In the aim to support its activity in the field of creative cities, an advisory board has been created. It is made up of agents coming from the public, private and academic sectors.

"A Recognition - said Mayor Piero Fassino expressing the satisfaction of the City - of which we are proud and that is a credit to the creative ability and regenerative energy of Torino. An acknowledgement that increasingly spurs us on to make Torino an innovative and cutting-edge city in every field".

The theme of design (one of the main categories of the Creative Cities Network, the one in which the city was a candidate) is suitable for the city of Torino, which has made this one of the keys for industrial and post-industrial development, and for which it has already received prestigious international awards.

The candidacy responds to a vision of the future of the City that begins from a past linked to cars, from an essentially industrial vocation to one open to innovation in the fields of technology, culture, arts and tourism.

The themes are the promotion of the automotive history and supply chain, design as a creative innovation, technological progress for mobility and vehicles, regeneration and sustainable urban development.

The title gives credit to Torino for having learned to broaden its identities in recent years, combining new vocations in research and technology, training and knowledge, culture, arts and tourism with its historic industrial profile.

Members of the Steering Committee, coordinated by the City of Torino, were UNESCO Centre of Torino, Torino Polytechnic University, National Automobile Museum (MAUTO), the Institute of Applied Arts and Design, the Chamber of Commerce of Torino, the Historical Italian Automotoclub (ASI), the European Institute of Design, the University of Torino, SiTI (Higher Institute on Territorial Systems for Innovation) , Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), Albertina Academy of Fine Arts, the Piedmont Region, MiBACT-General Directorate for Cultural Heritage of Piedmont, Torino Tourism Agency.

This therefore is an important award that the city has achieved thanks to its art and design projects and to the activities carried out along with numerous partners.

It was all the result of an initial proposal of ASI, the Italian Historical Automotoclub, which has long strived for adequate recognition of historic motor sports as an integral part of the Italian cultural heritage and which has identified the capital, at a national and international level, of this process as Torino.

Already a World Design Capital, Torino has been inserted permanently into the CREATIVE CITIES UNESCO Network, a recognition which until now had been awarded by UNESCO to 119 cities in the world who make culture and creativity a strategic vehicle for sustainable urban development.

Through Creative Cities Network UNESCO supports the formation of a network with the aim of promoting international cooperation between cities which, by joining, undertake to collaborate and develop partnerships with the aim of promoting creativity and cultural industries, sharing best practices, increasing participation in cultural life, and to mainstream culture in economic and social development plans. Creative Cities Network aims to find and enrich the cultural identity of a member city right in the middle of a growing trend towards internationalism.

The project focuses on the main excellence product of these cities, and finds a way to maintain its relevance in the life of the city, the local economy and social development.

The fields of excellence are classified as: literature, cinema, music, crafts and Folk Art, Design, Media Arts and Gastronomy.

Launched in 2004, "UNESCO Creative Cities Network is an incredible tool for cooperation, which reflects our commitment to support an incredible creative and innovative potential for expanding sustainable development paths," said the Director-General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova.

The UNESCO sub-network of Design is now formed by the following cities:
Bandung, Beijing, Berlino, Bilbao, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Curitiba, Detroit, Dundee, Graz, Helsinki, Kaunas, Kobe, Montreal, Nagoya, Puebla, Saint-Etienne, Seoul, Shangai, Shenzhen, Singapore, Torino.

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