City of Turin - Torinoplus – Nightlife


Bars, discotheques, wine cellars and boutiques that stay open until late have redesigned the map of entertainment. Where to get lost and have a good time.

Torino has a new queen: the Night. Entire districts have been reborn to offer a thousand occasions to get together, dance and stay out late: the Quadrilatero Romano, for instance, is an historic centre filled with ancient charm that has now become the ideal place for those who enjoy quality pleasures: restaurants, wine bars, wine cellars and many other kinds of places that present an opportunity to combine culinary tradition with specialties from all over the world.

The nearby districts of Borgo Dora and Porta Palazzo, market places by day and increasingly more creative and hot spots by night; the area, with its many restaurants and meeting places, fully expresses the multi-cultured and multi-ethnic features so characteristic of Torino.

The Murazzi arcades along the Po river were once used to park boats. Today it is one of the crucial points of Torino night life: when night falls, Murazzi lights a desire for a good time with the many offers to spend an evening enjoying live music and DJ sets in the clubs and bars along the river.

The San Salvario quarter is rapidly becoming protagonist of the city’s night life without abandoning its essence as a business district (the market in piazza Madama Cristina is its focal point and one of the city’s most pleasurable), thanks to the spots that have opened recently, adding to the many restaurants that were already there and a lively programme of events.

Lastly, even the most traditional section of the city is accustomed to welcoming guests and tourists, experiencing it at any hour of the day or night: piazza Castello, piazza San Carlo, piazza Vittorio Veneto and piazza Bodoni are now splendid pedestrian - outdoor salons open to everyone among monuments and cafés with outdoor areas.

For the first time Torino is offering an alternative nightly transportation that is safe for those who frequent night spots. On Friday and Saturday from 12:30 – 5:00 a.m., 10 lines GTT NIGHT BUSTER  will transport people from the suburbs to the city centre. The Star Notte line connects several especially constructed car parks with the central areas of the Murazzi and Quadrilatero Romano from 11:00 p.m. – 5:00 a.m.