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Experiencing Torino

Today Torino is a city of art, a modern and exciting one that looks ahead towards tomorrow. Torino’s future has already begun: the city is equipped for trade fairs, congresses, conventions and is capable not only of guaranteeing infrastructures and services to businesses, but a 360° span of proposals that have granted it access to the prestigious Michelin Guide’s classification as a “three-star city” along with Florence, Venice and Rome. This is because Torino offers a quality of life made up of art, culture, gastronomy and art de vivre that can only be found here.  

During the day, it is possible to go for a walk through the streets or under the 18 kilometres of arcades to admire the store windows of the fashion world’s finest designers or to visit the artisans’ shops or those of artists. Without omitting  the pleasure of wandering around through the many markets: from Porta Palazzo, Europe’s largest outdoor market, to Balon, the famous flea market that features antique goods. There are many other markets to be visited, from neighbourhood markets to those that present typical gastronomic products.

When the time comes for a break, there are many time-honoured cafés to choose from that are a part of Torino’s customs and culture.

At night, Torino offers a thousand opportunities to meet people, dance and stay out until late at night at bars, discotheques and wine cellars that are open late in the old town centre, the Quadrilatero Romano district as well as those of Borgo Dora and San Salvario. 

For sports lovers also, Torino offers incredible possibilities: avant-garde sports facilities in which to test oneself or watch competitions ranging from soccer to swimming, from basketball to athletics, not to mention the ice events. Torino is also the city where major international sporting events take place every year that have continued since the XX Winter Olympic Games , the event that changed Torino by bringing it to the forefront of world attention. This is why Torino was European Capital of Sport in 2015

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