City of Turin - Torinoplus – Transformation and Innovation

Transformation and Innovation

Transformations are a sign of a city that knows how to progress, to reinvent and renew itself while respecting its traditions to the fullest (video/first side - video/second side).

Torino has changed. The ambitious and complex zoning revolution begun in the 1990’s has brought its citizens a city that is more attractive, liveable and interconnected. The clear distinction that was once perceived between the city’s central areas and its suburbs now appears softened, thanks to constant urban requalification and the building of new structures.

Notwithstanding the great changes that have taken place, the city has been capable of keeping its historical characteristics: a position role as the capital of innovation, culture, tourism and a high quality of life has been added to its established role in the industrial sphere. It is a city that understands how to diversify its callings, focusing upon productive fields calling for a high content of knowledge.

Acknowledgment of the great determination needed to plan a way to renew itself through a profound tie with innovation and creativity arrived with – among others – Torino’s designation in 2008 as the first World Design Capital.


The video

Turin Work in Progress - First side

Turin Work in Progress - Second side