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Mägi is considered the father of modern Estonian painting and is often compared to such artists as Van Gogh and Sisley, in common with whom he displays an audacious use of colourful material and luminous effects.The exhibition

has been timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of Mägi’s time in Italia and, with his other 50 works (landscapes, portraits and sketches), will comprise one of the biggest solo exhibitions ever mounted in Europe. Palazzo Chiablese, from 30 November to 8 March

The paintings of Mägi are the work of an intense and restless personality who, through his tense and sometimes dreamlike depiction of landscapes marked by the density and expressiveness of its material, tells continental Europe of the charm of the nature of the North, of its expansive skies cut through with volatile clouds and flashes of sunset, its lakes, its sprawling countryside and its cliffs overlooking the sea.

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