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New projects will offer the citizens of the “city with the most beautiful natural location” (as Le Corbusier once said) an environment that is even more immaculate. Even distinguished philosophers like Rousseau and Nietzsche agreed with the great architect Le Corbusier that Torino could be defined as one of the most fascinating of cities. These projects plan upon recuperating banks of the rivers and transforming them into a single river park that measures 70 kilometres in length with a 17 million square metre surface.

They were referring to the extraordinary backdrop of the Alps, the rolling hills so close to the centre of the city, the Po   (video) and other rivers – Dora Riparia, Stura and Sangone – that flow through the region’s capital as well as the 18 million square metres of greenery and 300 kilometres of tree-lined streets that make this city one of the world’s wealthiest from an environmental viewpoint.

A heritage that is fully enjoyed by residents – who love to spend their free time outdoors – and embellished by great public projects such as the new river park along the Dora that is redelivering an immense green area dotted with well-equipped areas, bicycle routes, pedestrian and play areas to its citizens.

Walks and hikes in the Parco della Collina Torinese (Park of the Hills of Torino) – made up of Bosco del Vaj (Vaj woods), Collina di Superga (Superga hill) as well as the hills of il Colle della Maddalena and Cavoretto -  offer the capital an opportunity and a heritage of inestimable natural wealth. The Parco del Meisino (Meisino park) is a naturalistic oasis in which one of Europe’s most important colonies of grey herons live in an urban environment. A visit to the historic Giardini Reali (royal gardens), a canoe ride along the waters of the Po river, a jog through the Parco del Valentino (Valentino park) up to the Italia 61 park, a bike ride along the many bicycle routes immersed in green are all a must-see for anyone living in Torino or discovering it

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