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Chocolate and Gianduja cream, Martini and the ritual of the aperitif, great wine and the finest Italian cuisine: in Torino food is pleasure and culture at the same time.

Torino is the heart of gastronomy from Piemonte. It has always been the land of great chefs and great gourmets and the city has brought extraordinary, inimitable and universally known specialties to life such as the Gianduja cream, a delicacy made of cocoa and hazelnuts that has become famous throughout the world thanks to the small “gianduiotti” and the renowned spreadable cream.

Chocolate – the favourite foodstuff of the House of Savoy since the 17th century and now brought to the highest level of excellence by numerous artisan workshops – is simply the sweetest of Torino’s inventions. Another great recipe of skilled infusions of flavor is bitter: vermouth is a wine mixed with thirteen herbs and spices that Antonio Benedetto Carpano began to pour in piazza Castello in 1786. The world’s most famous drink is to this day the protagonist of a ritual that is 100% Torino: the aperitif. It is celebrated in the most modern spots as well as in time-honoured cafés.

One of the world’s richest cuisine can be found at the table: breadsticks, agnolotti stuffed pasta, the bagna caoda dip, boiled meats, cheese, the very precious truffle: all of which are accompanied by great red wines from the Piemonte region such as Barolo, Barbaresco, Nebbiolo, Dolcetto and Barbera. Marvellous white wines can be added to the list: from Spumante to Arneis, from Moscato (Muscat) to the precious Passiti (raisin wines). And to top it off, coffee, an Italian excellence that artisan laboratories and large Torino-based manufacturers have been capable of developing fully.

All of these flavours – along with the others – are celebrated every two years at the world’s largest food and wine event that has chosen Torino as its Headquarters: the Salone del Gusto organised by Slow Food, the Piemonte-based association that has been capable of popularising the passion for flavour, good taste and quality of life all over the globe. The Salone has a sister event, Terra Madre, that is a world encounter of the food community: a unique event – that has brought more than 7,000 people to Torino such as chefs, breeders, peasants and farmers in representation of 1,500 food communities and over 200 universities – created to bring about dialogue among farmers from all over the world.

Eataly, Italy’s first flavour mega-store, built in the area of historical Carpano plants, next to the Lingotto: it is an authentic “wine and food city”, a result of a collaboration with Slow Food. In Torino, food is not only flavours, but first and foremost a matter of culture.