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Torino is positioned in such a way that makes it very close to fascinating destinations.

The 2006 Winter Olympic mountains and their 400 kilometres of trails are only an hour away as are Genoa and the beaches along the Liguria coastline. The French Riviera is a bit further up the coast. The lake district is also near, with the marvellous Lago Maggiore and Lago d’Orta, surrounded by the Monte Rosa massif. The land of Piemonte’s savoir vivre is also close by with the rolling hills of the Langhe and Monferrato areas. The splendid Crown of Delights, the circuit of Savoy Residences declared a World Heritage Sites by Unesco, is still another nearby destination. All of these wonders are all in a radius of approximately 100 kilometres from the centre of a city that is at the heart of everything.

The best way to get in tune with the city is certainly a nice walk, following the tours that escort the tourist from Torino’s parks to its historic cafés, from multiethnic Torino to the fashionable one with lots of shopping, all the way to the magic Torino. These routes should be travelled with curiosity, but strictly on foot!

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Torino on foot.

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