SVE Volunteering for a smile in Romania

Partenza a settembre per 12 mesi
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Lunedì 2 Luglio 2018

"Volunteering for a smile" is an volunteering project where 10 volunteers from 8 countries will undergo 12 months stages in Romania from september 2018.
The stages will be organized in 2 flows. The first one will have 5 volunteers, one from Turkey, Italy, Portugal, Greece and Croatia each.


The main goal is to improve the educational services within the communities, and for this the organization (Nevo Parudimos) will have educational activities with the youngsters and the local volunteers (foreign language lessons, games, team building activities, taking responsibility for their actions, recycling etc.), and will work in kindergartens as well as do field activities.

The learning outcomes of the volunteers

  • social, intercultural and personal skills
  •  work experience in the pedagogical field
  • English and Romanian language knowledge
  • confidence and independence.


The volunteers will be hosted in a rented apartment, with single or double bedrooms.
The organization will buy each volunteer a monthly transport pass in the city.
Allowance: 210 euro every moth, to cover food and other expenses.


How to apply

Send an email to with your CV and a motivation letter before 2 July 2018

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14 Giugno 2018