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At Oval we are looking to innovate the traditional finance space with a new completely disintermediated platform for saving and investing. We believe that intermediation is over, with technology disruption, in a number of industries, replacing the middleman. We want to do the same for finance. It is an ambitious task and thus we are looking for people to join the Oval team to help make this happen.

You will be part of a team of serial entrepreneurs with a global market experience in building tech startups and you will have the opportunity to change the financial market, by bringing better education and inclusion. You will be independent and can manage your own schedule but will be working with an international and diverse team of people that together have the mission to change the financial world forever.


The selections are open to both sexes

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Tipo di contratto: tempo indeterminato con orario di lavoro full time

Sede di lavoro: Torino

Sito web:

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30 Luglio 2019