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NumeraTo: Counting Torino

History, documents, testimonies, monuments, urban plans can make a town known as well as navigation among data of its recent history. NumeraTO: Counting Torino suggests a journey through the recent numbers of the town, not forgetting its passed history.

Starting with peculiarities of its territory, its gardens, its streets, the visitor will be taken to know Italian and foreign town population, its geographic distribution, its age, and families composition.

To understand better who has visited the town, the reader will find snapshots of the capabilities to receive tourist flows, of the tourists origins, of the volumes of main museums visitors and Torino cinemas spectators.

Torino that studies and works will be described by the school population, its Universities registered students, their origins, the employment, the firms, the bank counters, the inflation rate, to come to some statistics curios.

The journey among the town numbers, will end with Far from where?, a publication that presents a detailed picture of the distribution and stratification of Torino population geographical origins.

Gavino Olmeo
Assessore alla Statistica

Francesca Tomassetti
Dirigente Settore Statistica della Città di Torino ed Emergenze Metropolitane


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