Eurovillage – 9 May – Europe for Peace

  • Eurovision Village
    Viale Mattioli - Torino

Eurovision Village

In collaboration with European Commission and European Parliament

5:00 PM Introduction
5:10 PM Fabrizio Sandretto piano solo

More than 160 concerts to his credit, 42 years old, and blind since birth, graduate and doctorate in

Musicology specialising in piano at the Conservatory of Music Ghedini. The maestro Fabrizio Sandretto is the only blind concert pianist in Italy. Dubbed the “pianist of the dark”, he attained technical and professional maturity in performance with commitment, study, and tenacity. He specialises in concerts in the dark. Music and languages are the solution to destiny, the pass for obstacles in the real world – the world of four senses and not five, a world of steps and stairways transformed into keys and texts. Music is the tool maestro Sandretto uses to live and express himself, to know and describe the whole world that he keeps inside himself. Piano maestro, Japanese, German, and English translator, interpreter, and sophisticated and confident concert player.

5:25 PM Yaryna Grusha Possamai

Writer, translator, and journalist, Professor of Ukrainian culture and literature at the University of Milan and journalist for Linkiesta.

5:45 PM Red Cross speech + Francesco Taskayali piano solo

Francesco Taskayali (Rome, 4 July 1991) is a young, Italian-Turkish composer and pianist. He has a Mediterranean soul and cosmopolitan heart: this is the ID of the young talent of international piano playing, who has already gathered acclaim from audiences in the four corners of the globe.

There are many themes present in the musical narration of maestro Taskayali. In addition to a life composed of journeys, sounds, and personal and introspective experiences – fruit of a culture straddling the West and the Middle East – the gaze of the Italian-Turkish composer also turns outwards, to what surrounds him and what strikes his human and artistic sensibility.

An extraordinary ability to experiment with techniques and musical composition styles and an inspiration always alive and sensitive: two traits that mean his artistic personality is constantly growing.

6:15 PM Legno

Legno is an independent project created by two Tuscan kids who hide their identity inside a box. The  project debuted in June 2018 with the release of tracks included in playlists like Scuola Indie and Indie Italia, and continued in 2019 with the release of the record “Titolo album” (Matilde Dischi /Artist First), which was followed by the second album “UN ALTRO ALBUM” released in 2020. With the success of tracks like “Affogare”, which reached the top of the Indie Italia playlist, “In (Gin) Di Vita”, “Casa De Papel”, “Instagrammare” feat. Rovere, HOLLYWOOD feat. Wrongonyou, and “CHE SARA’ MAI” (feat. Lo Stato Sociale), the two have exceeded 32 million streams on digital platforms. In 2022, their third album will be released, followed by a tour throughout Italy.

7:00 PM Slava

Vyacheslav Vlodimirovich Yermak, stage name Slava, was born in 1994 in Kharkov in Ukraine, where he lived with his mother, aunt, and grandmother. Always passionate about music, he officially became an Italian citizen in 2021. This led to a record entirely dedicated to his native country, an homage and, at the same time, a farewell to his homeland. The title is “Dasvidania/До Свидания”, which means “goodbye” in Russian. On 14 February, Slava and some of his collaborators had tickets booked on a direct flight to Kharkov to film three video-clips but, due to the intensification of tensions between Russia and Ukraine, the company cancelled the flight. On the night of 24 February, the war broke out, and Slava realised that that trip could have been his last chance to visit his home districts undamaged, given that Kharkov began to be relentlessly bombarded. From then on, Slava began to document what happened through his Instagram profile becoming, together with his friend Vlad Kirilov (a Russian influencer), one of the main reference points on Italian social networks for updates on the Ukraine conflict.

7:25 PM European Parliament Vice President Pina Picierno’s speech

Since 2022, European Parliament Vice President in charge of Communication, on Europe Day and at the Conference on the Future of Europe.

7:45 PM Melancholia + Little Pieces of Marmelade (powered by Cap 10100)

Powered by Cap 10100.

Melancholia and Little Pieces of Marmelade, revelations of X-Factor Italy 2020, will join each other on the Eurovision Village stage for an extraordinary double concert.

Melancholia – Benedetta, vocals; Fabio, keyboards; Filippo, guitar – is a band from Umbria that ranges from indie rock to electronic rock. Their performances often showcase influences by Italian songwriters and rap, which makes their sound modern. They amazed everyone at the X-Factor 2020 auditions with an unreleased track and a cover.

Little Pieces of Marmelade is a band who play and revive seventies hard rock, grunge, post-punk but can also impress a pop stage like X-Factor, where they got to the final under the guidance of their ‘mentor’ Manuel Agnelli.

8:35 PM European Commissioner for Equality Helena Dalli’s speech

European Commissioner for Equality since December 2019, a role in which she leads the battle against inequality following the political direction of President Ursula von der Leyen and promoting inclusion in all its meanings.

8:50 PM Eurovision slot

Malik Harris (Germany)
Cornelia Jakobs (Sweden)
Jérémie Makiese (Belgium)
Konstrakta (Serbia)

10:20 PM Negrita

Negrita is an Italian rock band founded in the beginning of the 90s in the province of Arezzo. Their name comes from the Rolling Stones’ song Hey! Negrita. One of the most famous and long-lasting bands in Italy, with 13 studio albums and 3 compilation albums.