Eurovillage – 14 May – Screening of the Eurovision Song Contest’s Final

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    Viale Mattioli - Torino

Eurovision Village

Our roots

5:00 PM Introduction
5:15 PM Historiae

In collaboration with Regione Basilicata.

Pythagoras, Horace and Frederick II – the three pillars of western culture – are illustrated through theatre, dance and images of an ancient, unspoilt, fascinating, poetic and timeless land.

Three actors and six dancers on stage, images of rare beauty for a performance by the Opera company that, for years, has performed theatre and history using various methods. Directed by Gianpiero Francese.

6:00 PM Robert Schumann: Quartetto op. 41 n. 1

In collaboration with Conservatorio Statale di Musica Giuseppe Verdi di Torino.

Luca Madeddu and Gaia Sereno, violin
Rebecca Scuderi, viola
Mitja Liboni, cello

“My soul is fit to burst with music”. Thus Robert Schumann wrote to his beloved Clara Wieck in a passionate letter of 1840. And everything exploded in 1842, the year when Schumann dedicated himself to chamber music at the height of a real creative furore. This is what the notes of the String Quartet op. 41 no. 1 played by Luca, Gaia, Rebecca, and Mitja recount. The musicians are string ensemble students of Maestro Manuel Zigante at the Turin Conservatory “Giuseppe Verdi”, one of the most brilliant and active music universities in Italy. Here, concert musicians of international fame are born and musicians from around the world come to study. Here too, new horizons and roads to travel are sought, experimenting with the art of cross-over, straddling classical music, jazz, and electronica.

6:45 PM #Estratto4

From the show “GELSOMINA DREAMS” by Caterina Mochi Sismondi. In collaboration with Compagnia blucinQue.

A male quartet starting with the images of the show Gelsomina Dreams, inspired by Fellini’s world, devised by the director and choreographer Caterina Mochi Sismondi, with live music by Bea Zanin. A concert combining dance and acrobatic movement, with the artists Federico Ceragioli (roue cyr), Alexandre Duarte, Vladimir Ježić, and Michelangelo Merlanti (also on the harmonica). Gelsomina Dreams is a dreamlike voyage poised between Amarcord and contemporaneity. The show and the suggestions that it creates on the stage offer the chance to relive transposed fragments of characters, who they see in Fellini’s films, perhaps through the multiplication of the imagination of Marcello Mostroianni, in a contemporary key. On the stage, electronica played live, voice, theatre-dance and acrobatics merge for 15 minutes of suspension and music.

7:20 PM Mack – S0NAX

Concluding the live events of Eurovision Village, and in anticipation of the Eurovision final, Mack will get on stage to present S0NAX, an installation, a performance, an evocative synthesis of sound and visual art, an experimentation in musical language straddling clubbing and hip hop that aims to create an overwhelming and hypnotic multi-dimensional harmony.

Accompanying them is the hot microphone of the New York rapper Donald D, a touchstone for the New York hip hop boom of the 1990s, and Federico Pierantoni on the trombone.

The project was born from an idea of two great contemporary Italian jazz talents, the drummer from Forli Marco Frattini (C’mon Tigre, Lucifour M) and the Mantuan  pianistFederico Squassabia (Friedrich, Indy Dibongue). In this electronic project, they are accompanied by the producer Mattia “Matta” Dallara of Amycanbe, currently based as a producer and sound engineer at the Deposito Zero Studios. The collaboration with visual artist Davide Casadio, stage name Lototek, allowed S0NAX to be reborn and the trio to transcend with the creation of a multi-dimensional artistic experience.

8:30 PM Screening of the Eurovision Song Contest’s Final