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The facilities offered by Torino’s public libraries are free, aimed at everyone and ready to satisfy the most varied needs. Torino’s libraries offer:

  • useful information in relation to living in and knowing all about the city and its services;
  • books and other documents for reference purposes and to borrow free of charge: new publications, literary classics from all countries, essays, novels and stories, manuals (also for university studies), language courses, encyclopaedias, dictionaries, grammar books to help those learning Italian, music CDs, films and documentaries on DVD and videotape.
    To become a member of the library, all you have to do is present a valid form of identification (identity card, driving license, passport, residence permit). Under-18s can become members of the lending library only with parental authorisation;
  • national and international newspapers and magazines;
  • Internet points. To use the Internet point all you have to do is present a valid form of identification (identity card, driving license, passport, residence permit). Use of the Internet by under-18s is subject to parental authorisation. Use of the Internet by under-15s is subject to the presence of a parent or an adult in possession of authorisation to such effect.
  • music points with earphones, to listen to music or watch films and documentaries;
  • especially to younger children in libraries and on the web, with the Spazio Ragazzi delle Biblioteche civiche torinesi (Kids’ Space of Torino’s public libraries);
  • audio books and video magnifiers;
  • Italian language courses;
  • cultural activities for adults and children: conferences, book presentations, debates and seminars. But also exhibitions, concerts, shows, animated readings and intercultural projects which enable the comparison and study of the world’s different cultures, languages and traditions.

When you enter the library, ask for the librarian, who will be delighted to welcome you and show you all the facilities available.

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