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Orphans, refugees, “street” or deprived children who come from extremely poor families that are unable to feed and support them: these are the beneficiaries of child sponsorship projects. Offering sponsorship helps people without eradicating them from their local area. It allows them to live with dignity, have regular meals, clothing and access to education and medical assistance thanks to the economic contribution made available by a sponsor and managed by missionary organizations, non governmental organizations and local voluntary associations. If you sponsor a child you may be able to correspond with him or her and, in any case, you’ll be informed of improved life conditions and any progress made.

There is also a form of child sponsorship that doesn’t envisage a direct relationship with an individual child but rather supports micro projects in favor of specific groups of minors: for example constructing a residential community, starting up a street school, running a vaccination campaign or building a pediatrics ward.

Additionally, there is another variation of sponsorship. Instead of sending money for an individual, one chooses to support a project that will benefit an entire deprived community. In this way, by funding projects that support collective life - such as educational activities, professional training, health prevention and right protection - the aid can also extend to adult community members.

Sponsorship must never be considered a form of occasional charity. Indeed, it is a stable and prolonged way to support the underprivileged by giving them a chance for an economic redemption based on their own cultural and environmental resources without forcing them to emigrate and abandon their family and community.

The Municipality of Turin has been working with Sponsorship projects since 2003.

Guide for Sponsorship Projects
List of local associations.

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