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Payment of Road Regulation's fines

Aggiornata al 8 Luglio, 2010

First of all verify that the fine has been issued by "Città di Torino" (Municipal Police or other auxiliary service) and not by other police forces (Traffic Police, Police, Carabinieri and so forth) or by other cities’ municipal polices.

By means of the undershown ways, besides it is not possible to pay the fines for infractions to different laws of the road regulations, even though they have been issued by "Città di Torino".

It should be remembered that in the event that the possessor of a credit card should contest payment, as a result of fraudulent use of the card, the fine will be deemed unpaid (owing to lack of payment). The amount due will be re-entered in the legal system for future proceedings and the transgressor notified. Such an occurrence will also result in the relevant criminal authorities being informed of the fact.

Payment can be carried out in the following manners.

From abroad

In Italy:

Through Internet as the above-quoted point two and:

Service cost: for higher amount only to 77.47 euro it is due the stamp duty of 1.81 euro.

The payment in lower measure is not valid in order to pay the debit (Article 389 road regulation).

IMPORTANT: do not use a beforehand filled note, enclosed to the order to pay a fine to pay another one with different number.

If you had any doubts, you could write to:

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