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From 24 th November to 2 nd December, comes back in Torino one of the most important film festivals in the national and international landscape, The retrospective of the 35 th edition of Torino Film Festival will be dedicated to Brian De Palma.  For the first time ever in Italy, the festival will organize a screening of all the works by the great American director; not just his feature films but his short films, documentaries and video clips in their original version, with subtitle.

Torino Film Festival . With a broad following among both filmmakers and film enthusiasts and a steadily growing attendance trend, it offers a “young” cinema, attentive towards the innovation of the film language, towards new authors and new trends. In addition to the major contests (reserved for feature films, documentaries, Italian short films and Spazio Torino), the next edition of the Festival also includes a retrospective.

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