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 Corona di delizie

Views of Savoyard Residences between the 17th and 19th Centuries 

18 September - 30 November 2001

Opening times: from Monday to Friday, 8.30-16.15



Encouraged by the success of the previous two editions, the Associazione Torino Città Capitale presents Rivelazioni barocche again this year, a programme of guided visits around palaces, courtyards, churches, gardens and residences that are generally not open to the public. For its part, the Historical Archives presents an evocative iconographic journey based on items from its valuable documentary patrimony.
The theme of the Archives' exhibition this year is the Corona di delizie, a 'crown' of Savoyard residences ringing the city of Turin. They were designed during the 17th and 18th centuries as scenographic representations of power within the radical transformation of the city that became the capital of this greatly ambitious dynasty.
The exhibition starts with the Theatrum Sabaudiae, a splendid collection of engravings realised during the second half of the 17th century that aimed at promoting the then little known Piedmont to the other European courts. It continues with images by Tasnière and Werner up to romantic views by Reycend and Gonin.
These palaces, as magnificent as they are susceptible to decay, suffered devastation during the course of the wars that succeeded each other in that era of unbridled luxury mingled with war, destruction and tragedy that was the Baroque. Some, like the castles of Mirafiori and Regio Parco, fell into decline and were definitively demolished already during the 18th century; others were more fortunate, evolving and transforming according to changes in taste and style.
This is an occasion to relive these architectural jewels in all their original opulence and also an opportunity for the Historical Archives to put on show and make available to the public part of its very rich patrimony.

Turin, September 2001

   Fiorenzo Alfieri
 Councillor for Culture and Resources


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