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 The Bookbinding and Small Restoration Laboratory

It was thought necessary during the planning and rebuilding phases of the new quarters for the Historical Archives to include a suitably equipped laboratory for carrying out small restorations. These would be effected under the direct control of specialised personnel appointed to conserving the documentary patrimony, in accordance with regulations of the appropriate Superintendences and of the Centre of Photographic Reproduction and Restoration of the Ministry for Cultural and Environmental Heritage.
This enables immediate intervention on the lesser damage that can be provoked by wear and tear and frequent handling, halting any deterioration in its initial phases, limiting the extent of the damage and thus enabling the item to be promptly returned for further consultation. At the same time, immediate and early intervention reduces recourse to external specialised laboratories, indispensable for large amounts of damage, and consequently aids a significant reduction in costs.
As part of the Archives' didactic activities, the laboratory also holds courses for students of secondary school and university.