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In accordance with the resolution of the Mayoral Council of 10.5.1994 n. mecc. 9403698/02, the costs for photocopies of documents are as follows:

Photocopy A4 format: € 0,13
Photocopy A3 format: € 0,21
Photocopy from microfilm: € 0,41


Rules for photocopying:
Where permitted and limited to a small number of copies, photocopies can be made immediately, unless the reading room staff deem it not possible. In this case the reader will be asked to return the next day to collect them. If the number of copies requested is particularly large, several different consignment times may be established.
It is forbidden to photostatically reproduce documents on parchment, that are bound or that are in a precarious condition, as well as drawings, plans and projects and all documents prior to 1900.
To this end, readers are asked not to insist with their requests, since they will not be carried out.
Large format heliographic copies and large format photocopies that involve the transfer of the originals to be reproduced to an external heliographer can be carried out, prior to reservation, on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 14.30.