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Guided Visits

 via Barbaroux 32

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Didactic Activities

The didactic activities of the Historical Archives commence at the beginning of every school year, directed towards pupils in compulsory education and secondary schools.

Aiming to give young people an idea about the methodology of historical research and to make them aware of the issues dealing with the preservation of memory, they are shown important documents relating to the city's history, according to themes previously established with their teachers.

They are also taken on a guided visit to the storerooms where the documents are kept and around the exhibition on show at that moment in the Archives.

Teachers interested can contact the office responsible for drawing up and coordinating the calendar of visits, telephoning +39 011 4431829 from Monday to Friday (8.00-16.00).

Guided Visits

Lasting about 75 minutes, guided visits are reserved for groups of a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 30 people. Groups that would like a guided visit must write directly to the Director of the Historical Archives, in accordance with the procedures stated in the appropriate regulation.